Thursday 18 May 2006

Alicia's podcast

photo courtesy of Alicia Pualson, thanks A.

So many podcasts this week, the latest being one I have REALLY wanted to happen, Alicia Paulson of the worlds best written blog Posie Gets Cozy. Listen to her Podcast here at Craftsanity.

I'm so excited about this that I'm blogging about it while listening, it's a BIG one (yey) and I'm only 5 minutes into it and I'm absorbed by it already. [have heard more since typing that, it's really in-depth, I keep skipping back and listening to bits again].

I was so moved and inspired by the story of Alicia's accident when I read about it here, but to hear it in her own voice adds a new dimension to her already wonderful writings. I always find her honesty and openness about starting and running a craft based business really helpful, even if it's just to remind me not to stat yet (till I have a home I can work in first).

It's really good to get to know so much about her without looking at the computer screen, so I can justifiably learn more while organising my button collection. But wait, didn't I say I had a really busy weekend planned? So many things to do? All a big rush? Well yes, and that's exactly why I am to be found on the flokati rug with thousands of buttons spread everywhere!

In my defence I have cramp today so a lot of the jobs I need to do would be trashed by my PMT clumsiness. But let's face it, playing with buttons is FUN, it's like money and it's like sweets and yet it's totally practical since it's used in my jewellery and collages so I can have fun and be doing something that needs done at the same time. I've always grouped in colour, but I've decided to subgroup by size or retro-ness as well...

Tools of the Trade...


lisa solomon said...

wow... i am totally in awe of your button collection.

and have a great weekend w/ your pals!

Blogging Masterclass said...

I love your button collection. I am looking to find unique buttons online to fill these jars I purchased. Do you have any ideas for where I can find colorful buttons?

Holly :)

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