Thursday, 7 June 2007

Thinking Blogger + Vanessa Valencia

Oops, I accidentally pressed post TWICE while this was unfinished and dated last month (I'm so behind with my posts), sorry readers, my brain is like mush, can you hear it sloshing about? Here it is properly with the pictures and more up-to-date links added...

Vanessa Valencia - 'Super Cupcake, Bake Girl'
Acrylic on wood

I was immensely surprised to discover last month that Vanessa Valencia of A Fanciful Twist (whose 'V' doesn't work on her keyboard!) nominated me for a 'Thinking Blogger Award'. I've not been doing much blog reading (but a little picture perusing) so I hadn't realised - sorry so late in my response Vanessa, and thank you, I feel really priveledged to be on your list. And don't think that I've put you on mine out of courtesy, you would have always have been on it.

Vanessa Valencia - 'Leaves will fall, fruit will ripen, time will tell'
Acrylic on wood

I love how Vanessa's work is so distinctly her, I've seen people with a similar style, but Vanessa's are just so clearly by Vanessa. They remind of Pippi Longstocking. I VERY much wanted to be Pippi Longstocking when I was a kid. I totally identified with the mismatched clothing, long pigtails, affinity with animals and, of course, the fact that she wasn't like the other kids.

I just love the way Vanessa's images are so full of life and colour, and stories (and cakes!). It means her pictures can make you think just as much as her words can, which is great when I'm too tired to read blogs, I can skim though her images and get a burst of colour and an idea of what's happening in her life.

Vanessa Valencia - 'On a Certain day'
Acrylic on canvas

The works above are all from Vanessa's most recent Thinking Blogger post (she gets lots of us thinking) where she is also announcing updates to her shop. Definitely worth a visit, though what I'd really like to to is visit her real gallery space in real life. It's one of those places that just oozes the personality of the person who makes it. I'd even more like to visit her house, she has the most fantastic collection of religious icons and the like. I bet I could spend hours, weeks, months in her house ooh-ing and ah-ing and taking photo's. I hope you are enjoying your trip Vanessa, and eating some green beans while you are away :0). Ok here's the Thinking Blogger response...

If you are nominated and decide to join in you should reveal the origininal source, say who nominated you (Vanessa), nominate 5 blogs which you read that really make you think and finally display the thinking blogger logo/button.

My 5 nominations are, in the order that I discovered them:

1. Anna Torborg -
2. Alicia Paulson -
Posie Gets Cozy
Lisa Solomon - Lisa's Musings
4. Vanessa Valencia - A Fanciful Twist
5a. Julie Avisar - Handmaid
5b. Anna Peach - The Golden Egret Studio (cheeky, but she makes me think most of all)

There are more, of course,
of course, but these are the ones that post regularly and make me think so much they enter my dreams. And they have all positively influenced the way I live my daily life. They all have passion for what they do. They immerse themselves in things whether it be food, art, crafts, discovery, experimentation, friends, travel or just life. You ladies really have enriched my life in ways that you will probably never know, thank you.

Tomorrow I'll respond to the people who tagged me for the 7 things meme. (although bloglines readers will have already seen it, but without the pictures).


Anonymous said...

Wow. Thanks for clueing me in about Vanessa. On my screen the colors in "Leaves will fall..." are so interesting, both desaturated and luminous. Congratulations on being tagged as a Thinking Blog. I'm not surprised. You always make me think.

Cally said...

Glad you've discovered Vanessa, her blog is so great.

I have such a huge backlogue of bloggers whose work I want to sho, but I find it so much harder to post about people I am in contact with.

lisa solomon said...

shucks. i am blushing... thanks for including me in my list... you are definitely in mine!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on being nominated! Actually, I was going to nominate you too, but that's for another day. I love Vanessa, her work say so much about the person she is and everything about her and her space is just magical.(I agree with you about the visit, it must be like a museum over there) :)

Cally said...

Hey there Lisa, most delightful to have you drop by, I'm thinking about you a lot right now and it was really lovely to see you had popped into your own blog when I visted yesterday.

You made my list the 1st time I read a post of yours, I can't ever imagine that changing and I'm so glad you continue to blog.

Anonymous said...

What a delight. I can never express the "Alone in Disneyland" feeling of seeing my work on your blog. It is the best thing in the world... Really, can you imagine being alone in Disneyland, able to ride freely, no lines...

Seriously though, I enjoy your blog so much. It is so clean and fresh. Such wonderful sharing. It is wonderful! Thank you Miss Cally. I feel like i know you.. somehow...It is magic...xxo

Cally said...

What a lovely way of expressing it! I know exactly what you mean. I'll never forget when I open Karin's Style Blog and sw... one of my twig rings. It was the best feeling ever.

I'd have put you on long agao but as I said in comments above, I find it harder when I feel attached to people, like I can't do them justice.

But, I'm trying to just give up on that this month and do simple-ish posts rather than waiting for aliens to implant me with some new brain fulkl of intellect and the ability to articulate well.

Ooh, I just realised I dreamt about you last night, it was those shoes, the ones I mailed about, you were wearing them. I couldn't see your face, just your feet, dancing around in the hot dust with the shoes on. I love when I dream about bloggers, it makes up for not being able to meet. Have a good weekend toots. xxx

Anonymous said...

Cally, i am stunned that you chose me in your list..thank you for such a big big compliment - guess who is in mine?!!!!

I still cant believe it took me so long to find...your blog is ALWAYS full of treasures..if its your beautiful work and love for pods and organic forms or amazing photographs or fantastic links...i always savour your blog posts..thank you for making ME think!!!

julie xxxxxxx

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