Monday, 18 February 2008

White wallpieces with shadows

Still have lots of white work that never got shown in January, but just not got the focus for blogging much just now. Lisa, these ones are here with you in mind (Lisa and I love to work with shadows in our artwork).

*Update* Lisa is in a book! Read more here. Congratulations Lisa.
Also read an interview with her at
Crafty Synergy.

Sarah Rebekah Byrd Mizer: thesis show, detail, glass and pins
Sarah created a wall covered in glass writing for her thesis exhibition. Absolutely amazing.

Guy Michael Davis: Branches detail

Gina Tibbott: Untitled, porcelain, 2007 via Project 4 Gallery


Ursula Achten said...

these pins of Gina Tibbott remind me of one of the lichen I love best:
the Cladonia....
Wonderful wall-work!

Anonymous said...

Love them all, especially for the shadows they create.

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