Tuesday 22 May 2012

Back to my blog at last

Preparing my beetroot to stuff. Far to thick, I was being impatient (still holding out for a lottery win so I can get a Stainless steel De Buyer Mandoline)

So much has happened in the last two months that I've pretty much neglected my blog and now I see they are forcing their layout choices on me. Lets hope I have remembered enough html to at least prevent the text wrapping. Already it's clear I will have to make my images fit the full width of the page as it's the only quick way to stop the text skooching up the side of the photo. I like it when you just grabbed the corners of your image and scaled it to whatever size you wanted, and the text stayed put!!!! This feels like stepping back to 1990's computing. Ugh.

And with the cold wet weather that has clung on for most of March to May I've not had any gardening mojo either. But this week the sun has returned and I'm hoping that will kick start me into posting again, gardening again etc. My M.E. is still very much in evidence but there has been a definite shift towards managing to do things that in the long term will hopefully help a lot. I've certainly managed to deal with the recent traumas and dramas better than I would have expected given how low my energy has been.

Although home and garden have been neglected I've been pretty much on the ball as far as food goes, staying 80-90% raw even through the vile weather. I've lost weight, which is a real blessing when every pound feels like a kilo to chronically fatigued body. I've also regained my balance after several years of dizziness and bouts of vertigo so extreme they'd wake me from sleep. Aside from the obvious delight of not falling on my face when I get out of bed, the best thing about having balance is finally managing to do a bit of yoga again after having to give it up about 4 years ago.

I've been horrified by just how short and tight all my muscles have become without it. No wonder it was getting so hard to even bend to sniff flowers! My wrists are getting a bit of strength back too so that will let me do some work to build my arm muscles again. Then maybe I can start gardening again. And on that note I'm off to take some flower pics now that the sun is back in our lives again.

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