Saturday 10 November 2012

50 minutes of Sunset

Such a lovely changing sunset on the 6th, I went from window to window taking photos in all directions, this is just a very small sample of the changes it went through. So beautiful. As you can see I've given up with writing under photo's as the new Blogger layout makes it such an unbelievable faff. Life is to short to waste time formatting each post and I've forgotten all the html I used to know.

update - I'be decided that since it won't let me write then it has to be all about the image, so i should make them bigger. Old posts with smaller images will still show at their full size when clicked (applies mainly to posts after 2009, prior to that I was making them tiny so my blog allowance wouldn't run out too fast). I hope you like the change.

The photos are set out by direction rather than in the order they were taken. Photo 2 was so bright it lit up inside the house, it was so intense. I wish I had made a video of the transition between the 1st two photos, i think it only took 5 mins to change, would have looked nifty speeded up.

1-3   Looking North and North East
4-7   Looking South West
8-10 Looking West

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