Monday, 21 August 2006

Blues and creams

Thanks for your comments and emails folks. I am back doing a little burst of blogging, but only briefly and not doing proper replies, sorry. The computer is still on it's last legs but I have cramp and can't go anywhere so I'm prepared to wait while it slowly does it's thing. I'm even doing some random linking while I wait, which is always fun and leads to all sorts of things...

Xavier Deshoulières is a French painter who's work I have fallen in love with and would happily purchase if I had any money.
He uses an amazing technique of painting from behind the canvas and using his hands to push the paint through to the other side. Find him at
Virgil Gallery

Markus Hansen - Polluted Sky 1 at Virgil Gallery

Atta Kim. This 8hr exposure of the 57th St and Fifth Ave intersection found here on the New York Times site.

Richard Sweeney paper sculture - Icosahedron.

Fabienne Lasserre - Head III.
Made from glass and fingernails on papier mache. At Virgil Gallery.


Anonymous said...

I love those paintings - that technique sounds so weird but amazing results!

Anonymous said...

Love that paper sculpture - thanks for linking!

Anonymous said...

Love Xavier's work, what a find! Very inspiring process too.

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