Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Not new for me thanks

Needed a shot of red to warm me up after all that blue.

It's taken me all day, on and off, to write this post. I've caught a cold over the weekend, my own fault for indulging in wheat & dairy filled meals all weekend. Honestly though, I was in food heaven, but now I've this cold and my allergies are kicking off. Ho hum.

The red brolly above was one of my best best christmas presents and was from Ruth (picked out by me in a charity shop Argyll for £3). It's a beauty, pointy tip, dainty leather handle, fabulous tassle. I ADORE it, partly because it isn't new. I've seen new versions of old style brollies, but they just don't do it for me, even though they are rather nice.

It's not that I totally dislike new things, but they don't, on the whole, give me the joy that old bargain finds do. I really find it hard to enjoy new things because I am constantly aware of their cost. With 2nd hand/thrifted items my awareness of the cost (or lack of cost) is a very big part of what makes me enjoy them all the more.

This Christmas was great cause most of my presents were things I chose from charity shops but I have been too busy to blog them, hence the red brolly today. I'll show more when I get time and good light to take photo's.

Got soaked to the skin digging up daffodils and bluebell bulbs before the workmen drive a tractor over them. Such cold rain and now there is a gale blowing outside. Winter is back. Hope you are all tucked up cosy, or better still, are somewhere with nicer weather. May need a blog break if this cold gets worse.

My frozen hand, not sure if the raw redness shows up on the screen? It's all puffed like it's been in the bath too long, that's cause it was stuck in the wet for 3hrs...


Anonymous said...

Oh hope you feel better soon...im right there in the boat with you..also have a cold!!!

And ill stay in the boat..when it comes to old things...they have character, history, a story...and a cheaper price tag ;)

Hope you have warmed up after saving the daffs and bluebells..xxx

amisha said...

poor hand... hope it's warmed up and a bit less puffy :( all in a good cause though!
i love the red umbrella. i agree with you about thrift finds... they are wonderful because of their history, but there is also the thrill of knowing you are saving lots of money and giving something a new life!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a blogger but I can't keep away from yours.It must be one of the best.You update all the time, your interseting, show great photos and have really interesting links. you are a pure joy,Best wishes from Bettina in Lincoln,UK

Cally said...

We just keep on having things in common, though the 'common' cold is perhaps not such a fun one. Hope we both feel better super fast.

:0) I looks more human now!

Wow, I was gobsmacked to read that, how utterly lovely of you, thank you! Course you must be mad, but then hey, if you are I can see why my blog would appeal. Thanks so much for revealing yourself. And let me know if there are things you especially like to see so I can pop in a post just for you, to make up for me not being able to come to visit a blog of your own.

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