Saturday, 10 November 2007

Sebastian Buescher - jewellery retrospective

Sebastian Buescher (via Klimt02) is still being busy with his work even though he is off on world travels, and he's even managed to put together 'The Pygmy Retrospective' showing some of favourite pieces over the last 3 years. Showing until 1st December at Alternatives.
Sebastian Buescher: Pin, Untitled 2007

Silver, epoxy resin, ceramic, coral, fossil

Sebastian Buescher: Ring, Untitled 2006

Porcelain, silk, amazonite, amber, thread

To quote Sebastian... "The Pygmy Retrospective is a collection of my favourite pieces over the past three years. The work is taken from several collections and is meant to show my evolution, the introduction of new materials, processes and the development of my ideas. Since I view my work as emotional, pieces are linked to specific times of my life, sometimes hard and sometimes joyful.”


Anonymous said...

oh Cally, you got such a good eye for things. i love that ring of thread...

Anonymous said...

LOVE love love! I want one :)

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