Saturday 15 December 2007

My work: Pic 'n' Mix 1990/94

Seed pods, Edinburgh Botanic Gardens 1992

'Quality' 1992, word based layered image
cartridge paper, tissue, tape, acetate, charcoal, ink, dictionary photocopies

I found some old plastic sleeves with photo's in them. I only took very quick snaps so you can see the reflections of light and my red top. You can click to see them larger, though they are very fuzzy.

Various Pieces from the early 90's

As well as these pics from an old file, I also found some contact sheets of other work including the following two, the 1st is a very large recycled copper pod, the second is phase one of a perpetual calendar which got left in a locker at college along with a whole ton of other work because I forgot the combination on the lock!

Copper Pod and Perpetual Calendar, 1993/94

I was so stressed after the Ceramics Dept. broke my degree show pieces that I gave up on the ceramics aspect and forgot about the locker entirely. When I returned the next year they had been emptied, so it was quite a treat to find I had a photo of this half made. I still have the little carved wax animals that were going to be cast as part of this piece, it was all tied in to animals on a medicine wheel.

I was researching moon lore and mythology which related to a lot of my work. In doing so I found out my animal totem was a Wolf and, given my love of wolves, I got a bit side-tracked by the book Earth Medicine. Reading the description of 'wolves' (Birth date Feb 19 -March 20) was the clearest most accurate description of myself I have ever read, both the good and the bad aspects of my personality. I must look it out again and see if I've changed since then.


Bibbi said...

I forgot all my drawings and paintings from art school, neatly rolled and put on a shelf, when leaving a train. Never got them back and felt really miserable about it :(

It's so nice to follow your excavations into old work, and the reflections you make :)

Cally said...

Oh, trains and planes, they get such treasures left on them. I sympathise enormously.

Only last week I was lamenting about the best hat I ever owned which got left on a flight back from Canada, it was so warm and simple and turned out to be irreplaceable. But lost art, that is a whole new level of loss.

In many ways I am glad my ceramics in the locker were at the early stage so the loss of them didn't involve the loss of more than a few months of time.

Babelfish said...

Your work is breathtaking, I especially love the 'quality' piece.

redredday said...

i love your various pieces, especially that string ring twigs and the blue bowl and the white piece that looks like white wings. and also the bottom piece in the first column. love how it is pinned to the felt and the way it hangs like balancing some invisible scales left to one's imagination. so glad you still have the photos to share them with us.

i am so looking forward to what more you'll be sharing with us of your work in the new year! happy holidays!

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