Sunday 30 October 2011

Halloween costume inspiration - black & red

Sylvia Ji 'La Adelita' 2010 via the Joshua Liner Gallery.

I love this Sylvia Ji painting. Although it has much deeper meaning it also makes for great Halloween inspiration and it combines my love of dressing up, Dia de los Muertos and Freda Kahlo in one glorious image. These are large painting in Acrylic and gold leaf on wood panels and you can read more about the background to the works in the Las Adelitas exhibition on the Joshua Liner Gallery flickr page for the show.

Sylvia Ji 'Red Quechquemitls' 2010 see full exhibition at the Joshua Liner Gallery.

Sylvia Ji 'La Madrina' 2010 see full exhibition at the Joshua Liner Gallery.

Andrea Peira's winning Photo in the World Body Painting Festival 2011

This is exactly the sort of thing I like to do, but when you live in a mobile home and like candles it's just not practical, so I make do with enjoying the work of others unless I'm invite to things in large open spaces. The Photograph above was by Andrea Peira and the costume and body painting was by Birgit Mörtl+Melanie Rodel Body Painting Festival 2011

Birgit Mörtl+Melanie Rodel - Body painting & costume for the World Body PaintingFestival 2011 (via

Halloween make-up via

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Marjojo said...

You find such amazing images, it's a pleasure to see what you're looking at, but how I long to see something you've made/are making. Wishing you new energies to get to that place where you can produce again, feel the joy of creating.

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