Saturday, 19 May 2007

Papercutting for your pleasure

Ok Liz, sorry I'm late with this post for you, last 2 days were overwhelming and I had no brainpower for finding the original links for all these images. The nature of the work means the skill, intricacy and beauty of papercuts is usually best seen by visiting the original sites where they tend to be shown larger, and with other works by each artist. It's missing some key ones I really wanted to show you as most of my gazillion papercut links and images are on my own computer (as opposed to Mr P's which I've been using this year) but here is a small selection to wet your whistle. I've tried to make it quite varied.

This one was too rude for my wholesome clean livin' site but I knew you'd like it! It's by Sangeeta Sandrasegar at Mori Gallery 2003. Here's another of her cut from her, still has naughty bits but not as blantantly obvious, from her 'Goddess of Flowers' series, Untitled No.26, 2003, found here.

Papercut originally uploaded by Saillena.
I love the red on blue.

The 2007 calendar of Nikki McClure. Available from Buyolimpia these are soy ink prints of her delightful papercuts. See the cut detail on Girl and Boy...

'Central Park Resevoir' by Drew King.

Detail from one of Peter Callesen's 2007 large installations.

Lonnie Hutchinson's installation 'Sista Girl' 2004.

Meredith McNeal has cut images from vintage wallpaper in her show Keeping Room (on till May 27th, Figureworks, Brooklyn, NYC). The show also features her miniature paper dresses inside bell jars.

When a sent a certain someone (hello you) one of my tree papercuts they gave me a link for Yuken Teruya's toilet roll tubes cuts at The Saatchi Gallery, but what I fell in love with were his trees cut from and displayed within paper bags like one below. Other favourites were the Louis Vuitton, the MacDonald's (the text looks like blossom) and the Marc Jacobs. This one is LVMH - Le Bon Marche, 2005.

Traditional Japanese papercut (Kiri-e) by Maasaaki Endo.

Detail from the intro page of Papercuts.Us by Rick Jones.

The collage/papercuts of Virginia Rose Kane using ephemera.
Here are two examples, 'Felice' & 'Iris'.

Archie Granot cuts Jewish Ketubahs.
This one has 7 layers of paper.

Some of Gerlof Smit's new contemporary paper works and below them one of his more traditional pieces. I like a lot of his paper jewellery.

Ooh, just discovered someone new to me, and her site is well designed which is always a bonus. Artist April has a site (and blog) full of her art including her varied papercuts like this ship, 'Eat Food not too much, mostly plants', and Mizrach. I LOVE this cut entitled 'Lungs'. April, I'd love to see you do a brain!

Heather Moore (Hi Heather!) who makes nice silhouettey magnets and textile prints had a link on her blog to a great papercut book on Etsy by Pistoles Press.

Beatrice Straubhaar's papercut designs are also available as prints on items for the home.

Huge papercut at Beijing World Art Museum.
Blue and red loveliness of giftnamie.
Crisp and graphic red on white Chinese papercuts.
Red laser cut Li Xi gift envelope.
Chinese papercut shop photo.
Very old French papercut slides.
Paper cuts have nice shadows.

Ok, I have SO many more but I think my body may finally allow me to sleep (the co-codamol didn't work, blugh). I you enjoyed this, and when I'm back on my own computer I'll post the ones that I think you'll really love. Happy Birthday Liz, I really hope you'll feel well enough to come home soon,until then I wish you sunny skies, birdsong and the energy to enjoy some surfing. Love C xxx


Anonymous said...

'My wholesome clean livin' site'?!
If only your readers knew the potty-mouthed truth...
THANK YOU for the orgy of papercut love - very taken by the lungs too and swooning over Gerlof Smit and Beatrice Straubhaar. Might you ever show your own tree papercut? Don't be shy... (or worse, too self-critical!)
I read in the Press & Journal yesterday (so it must be true) that Asda's doily sales are in crisis. Designers have been commanded to produce ones that will appeal to a younger market - now that's what I call a birthday present!

Feltbug said...

I LOVE this - a feast for the eyes! Drew King is an amazing artist - his site is fabulous and I covet everything he creates ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the fabulous post filled with awesome eye-candy. I love Drew King's work, wouldn't it be amazing to have a glass wall in your house like that? Yuken Teruya's work is awe-inpiring too (and the others I'll spend some time exploring). Have a good weekend!

Cally said...

Liz, Potty-mouthed, Moi? ;)
Glad you liked. Must show you more from the inner sanctum of my Mac.

Re. my tree cuts, I have photo's in the bowels of the other computer, or one of the backup drives. Also got some originals in a box somewhere, if I ever uncover them one will have your name on it, now that I know the depths of your papery love.

ASDA doilies eh? I've been sending designs to the wrong people! Wish I had my old files around, I'd email them some 'youth appeal' designs in a flash.

I'm hiding out just now- delightful blonde toddler in the house, but he'd be the end of me today. Such a shame, I have to try and sleep while they go out for a sunny blustery walk with Lucy.

Really missing my dog walks, but we still have very nice cuddles and toy play. She's going to love you,and if you love her as much as I think you will I'd be happy to bring her to your flat and let you have her for afternoon snoozes if you'd like (obviously once we are both a bit better). Looking forward to that.

Dawn said...

hi there :)
christine of vegas and venice pointed me in this direction and i really love this post. so many new artist's i have never heard of :) i'm such a big fan of peter callesen! i love artist april, she reminds me of mister rob ryan. ah, so many great links! a ton of inspiration. and your work is also beautiful <3

Meridith said...

Thank you for linking to my work and my gallery. You have done a great job on your blog.
Meridith McNeal

Heather Moore said...

Amazing! And you totally beat me to it - I've been saving up links to put together a mammoth paper cut post for ages, but keep putting it off because it makes me realise how puny my efforts in the papercutting department really are! But I see I've been (obliquely) included in your roll of honour, so am very thrilled.
I think I'll get onto my papercut post, but make it really mini and link through to yours.

Susan Schwake said...

you never cease to amaze ms. cally. beautiful post and such a great collection of work,including YOU! sigh!thanks for so much goodness here... as always, xo, susan

s.i. michaels said...

These are amazing, just amazing. Bookmarking to savor later.

Anonymous said...

away for the weekend, so tryiing to catch up, but just blown away by this post. I love the Drew King - how does he do it? I am fascinated by paper cutting, and wish I had the skill and patience for such beautiful work.

carga said...

Any days ago I published a post in my blog about papercut, I like very much kiri-e, origami and another works whith paper.Now I read your post about papercutting, is fantastic.Thanks

Anonymous said...

this is wonderful! Thanks for show!

rachel said...

very beautiful images. these papercuts are fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Cally! You are always one step ahead of me! I love these links!!! Have you found any 'fashion' oriented paper cuts in your search???

Meridith said...

Hello Ulla,
The work done for my exhibition "Keeping Room" are late 19th century dresses (adults and children) that may satisfy a bit of the "fashion" paper cut search.

Brittany said...

gorgeous images!


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