Monday, 22 August 2011

Berry coloured kitchen

Sorry for multiple reposts, Blogger is doing horrible things with my text, images and alignment, still trying to fix it so I'm fiddling with posts to monitor changes.

The Berry colours aren't just happening in the garden, they are in the kitchen too with raspberries and beetroot being the main glorious culprits in the making of smoothies, hummus, and all manner of finger staining delights. This particular one (above) was long, dark and quite woody, not juicy like the big round ones I use in salads (shown below), so I was blending into things where the other ingredients would stand out more, like elderflower, aronia and raspberry frosted smoothie, and raspberry ginger pear and coconut milk ice cream (not shown, I ate it too quickly).


Barbara said...

More interesting things to do with Beetroot. I like to grater it raw on salad or roast it in the oven sliced.

Cally said...

Oh yes, I'm a big fan of it on salad, especially in chunks with pears and feta - I'm a fiend for that one, as long as it's a juicy beetroot. With the weather starting to turn I'm sure I'll be getting back to roast veg again soon and popping them in with that too.

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