Saturday 6 August 2011

Novel Foods Act - Mesquite, Chia, Stevia

Raspberry & Beetroot smoothie with Strawberry, Aronia,
Date, Prune, Cranberry, Viola, Acai and Spinach.

All I wanted was Mesquite powder for my smoothie, is that too much to ask? Apparently it is because I live in the UK where it's been classed as a 'Novel Food'. “A novel food is defined as a food or food ingredient that does not have a significant history of consumption within the EU before 15 May 1997.” FSA. The act was set up to deal with GM foods, but doesn't even relate to them now as they are covered by separate legislation, but it suits big business and pharmaceutical companies to keep these foods from eating into their markets. As with so many of these types of things it's all about politics and money. I hate that.

Pak Choi,and Pear smoothie with Maca, Cucumber & Celery.

It doesn't matter that people have been consuming Mesquite for 100's of years. Places that used to sell it online have, in the last few months, either stopped or are not allowed to sell it 'for human consumption'. It's all very frustrating, but my mood was lightened when I looked at the Detox Your World website who were selling mesquite but giving a suggestion list of what you can do with mesquite other than eat it. Brought a smile back to my face, and of course that's exactly what I'll do with it, I won't eat it, no, I certainly won't eat it (said the child in the berry patch with the purple stained face).

I'm sure we'll be allowed to it it again in time, just like we can now eat Goji berries again (which they put on the Novel foods list around 2004 despite people having eaten them from UK hedgerows since the 1700's). I think they are this year finally giving up their attempts to stop us eating
Stevia and hopefully Chia will come soon, though until then we can watch with envy as Americans grow a wie and bizarre range of edible Chia pets, Chia Priesidents and even a Chia Mr T. I'm more partial to a Chia Mac...

Until then, we overprotected Europeans must search out places that will sell us these 'products' for storing in a jar and looking at longingly. I'm off to buy mine now, let's hope none of them spill into any of my meals!

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