Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Floor Fabric Food

Brown Floor with Blue shoes, liked the combo and looked for similar in my hard drive. One of my Fabric Prints and a small Pak Choi that hasn't yet been planted out - oops.


Anonymous said...

You're wearing a SKIRT?!!!
Nice legs, shame about the fac....
.......................................t we can't see the rest of you!


Cally said...

Oh Liz, you've right got me chucklin' with that! I tell you what though, you're lucky you can't see the rest of me, it was likely to be a berry stained mess.

You'll be beside yourself with horror and mortification to realise I'm not wearing a skirt, that's just the edge of my top hanging over my protruding belly and hiding the fact that I was in my knickers!

Not that I don't wear skirts though. I'd rarely wear one in town, but often do in the garden or round the house- nothing nicer than a summer breeze about your undergarments on a hot day! I will post a proper skirt photo for your amusement soon.

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