Monday 27 March 2006

Handmade books

I love to make little books, one off's and limited editions. But even more than that I love to see (and own!) other people's books. I absolutely love them and when I go to degree shows I'm often more into the sketchbooks and things than the finished pieces. I'll post pics when they get unpacked.

On Kim Carney's blog last week she posted about handmade books and had these great examples plus others and more booky links which had me in a happy daze.

Lori Kay Ludwig Deborah Waimon


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful, they look so ye olde worlde! I love it.

Annika Sandin said...

Yes I saw them at Kim's. Aren't they beautiful!

amy said...

thanks for the link...i'm a bookbinder's another fun link...these girls make fun journals and artists books as well.
best to you!

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