Thursday, 1 March 2007

healthy nibbles

Remembered I should be drinking hot honey and lemon for my cold, followed by some fresh, lightly steamed veg with quinoa. I can't tell you how much I love quinoa with a little pesto in it.

And on the subject of food and blogging, Anna at Twelve22 has started a new blog!
Lunchtime at Twelve22 means we get to see evn more of what an ideal diet she has. Lots of super healthy veggies and yet not too worthy, as she has cake and other sweet things she bakes regularly too. Today she had chocolate cake, cute.


Anonymous said...

Oh I love chicory!
Not a big fan of the crazy tiny corn though, they always taste a little like churches smell to me...kinda dusty.
Can I recommend chicory salad with raisins and banana and some thinly sliced pickled gherkins and a little vinaigrette?
Hope your cold gets better! I've one too... atchoo! Snap.

Cally said...

Indeed Daphne,
recommendations always appreciated, but I must recoil at the gherkin part. It's right up there with liver as something I truly detest, which is why I never really wanted Big Mac's etc when I was younger, in the States, they always chucked a gherkin in there.

I reckon if I substitute olives for the gherkin it might be quite nice.

Anonymous said...

Small French cornichions, olives or capers are all great substitutes...or even little cocktail onions....Hmmm hungry now.

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