Sunday, 7 October 2007

My work - papercuts 1991/'92

More of my papercuts and shadows from 'The Growth of Plants'...

I don't think my Printed Textile tutors were very pleased with my interpretation of their instruction to develop florals. I definitely should have been in Constructed Textiles where they let you work with paper and be more sculptural. Printed Textiles wanted daisy prints as they were to become the next big thing, which was true, but I didn't want to print daisies, I wanted to print one off pieces and make lighting, and these were a part of my exploration for that.

I think this is what I was working on when I made the decision to leave the department. The initial papercuts were for print stencils but I like the cuts and the effects when lit that I started doing new ones that would be pieces in their own right. I've always been bad that way, going off on a tangent instead of sticking with the assigned project. I bet a lot of you know exactly what I'm talking about, it's often the unplanned work that sparks the most genuine creative urges.

There is a definite hint of my environmental interests creeping into my work, I was reading a lot of science books about plant growth, life cycles and the impact of humans. I never imagined I'd actually be a gardener one day. In fact, I never imagined I wouldn't be a textile/lighting designer one day. But there is time for that yet.


Marjojo said...

Oh Cally, these are beautiful! So glad you decided to do things your way, love this play of light and shadow, the way you go from 2D to 3D (and more) here. There's something spiritual here for me too, I guess it's to do with the light falling through your rosette-like design, makes me think of church-windows. So glad too that you're showing some of your work here again. Thanks

Ursula Achten said...

I love how you walked around in your art classes and created little miracles with the techniques, you were teached, instead of being efficient ;)

Ruth Singer said...

I love these! I have a big fascination for things with holes too. It made me think of my friend Karen Logan's work she did for a residency at the V&A (which I organised, as I knew she'd do a great job!)
The photos don't do it justice, the work was stunning.
Incidentally, your story of unhappy tutors reminds me that I'm glad I didn't go to art college, I would have been fighting the tutors all the way!

Anonymous said...

These look great Cally... I especially like the third one,(great photo) I'd love to have a window blind with a design like that cut into it.
I haven't left comments for a long time but still enjoy what you put out in your blog.
Your 'berry photos' were just so cool, I liked the fact that I could imagine you gathering them and the fun it must have been to fill the pot hole and standing back to admire the effect :)

I don't have a blog but should you want to glimpse where I come from this is my flickr site.

shula said...


I know EXACTLY what you're talking about (re tangents).

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