Thursday 11 October 2007

Pink wild plant

I don't know what this is but it looked good.


Marjojo said...

Catching up with other blogs and delighted to see your 4 day sketchbook, just gorgeous. During my foundation we used to do these one-week-sketchbooks, every time a new subject, I really enjoyed these, you just get so many ideas down, and wished I had the energy now to work on something in such a condensed energetic manner and not in 5 minute bouts.
Read about your old/new diagnosis - ME, it makes for a sorry tale, doesn't it. On the other hand it's good to put a name to something, and it helps make steps towards management of illness, and maybe even improvement. Hope your machine-thingemy will help, and that Mr. P and your family will understand and support you more. They better!

Marjojo said...

Me again. Your comments made my day start beautifully - thank you! How good it is to be able to connect like this, and how lovely to think that you've been reading about my garden in the middle of your - alas sleepless - night, while I was slumbering peacefully (lucky me).
Strangely, everytime I leave a comment for you I receive an e-mail informing me that my mail to you has not arrived, not sure what that means, but as long as you can read my comments that's o.k.
Had a much better day, tiny walk to letterbox and a bit of reading outside in the still warm sun. Phew.
Sleep well tonight!

Maureen said...

I don't recognize that plant but it is very cool looking. Would make an incredible necklace if you could figure out how to make beads with that opalescent look -- and delicacy. I love it! Would like to know what it is, if you ever figure it out.
hugs. hope you're feeling better today.

Anonymous said...

Its a beauty.

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