Tuesday 25 March 2008

My trip - clue No. 4

Clue No.4, these plants are growing in a public place, but not a garden. Keep guessing where I might have been.

I've always loved sculptural plants, which is how I see these, though I know architectural is the current description for them. I had a little cactus as a kid, but I had now idea they could get so big until I saw them in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh. Years later, when I was at college nearby, I used to go there often at lunchtime or after classes and hang out in the cactus house or the hot houses with my sketchbook and camera. If you are further north in Scotland they have some lovely large specimens in the succulent house of St Andrew's Botanic Gardens.

1 comment:

heather smith jones said...

cally, even with all your beautiful clues, I feel I don't even have a clue, be/c I am so geographically inept! But I tell you what, I'm enjoying your clues immensely, like I'm on a little trip!

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