Sunday 31 December 2006

Happy 2007

One of my photographic/illustrative christmas cards... shame I never got them printed in time to post to anyone! Only people who saw me in person got them. It looks very pale here but in real life it's got better colour.

This one was my one for work folk... but my printer wasn't working, and the photocopier wasn't working, so no cards for those people either. The antler is based on part of the carving in the wall of the Ice Chapel in Sweden this year.

This is me in England at my favourite HUGE garden centre, we popped in on the way home for some bargain price christmas decorations. I am shamelessly still wearing my pyjamas having never quite made it to bed the night before (I stayed up all night in a PMT frenzy doing another room make-over for Mr P's mum - which she loved).

Happy New Year to all of you. Love to all my new bloggy friends, and the few of my previous ones who know about the blog.

Saturday 23 December 2006

Happy Hols everyone

Berries, what's not to love.

Babushka, sent these Lindt chocs to my friend Nikki in Australia last month, I LOVE them. I wish they were wood though, so I could have some but not eat them and spoil them. Nikki's arrived in Melbourne to 37 degree heat, so they had melted a bit, but hey Nikki, this is what they looked like before they went in the Jiffy bag.

And more Lindt goodness, this one went to Janet last month (she sent me the Lindt bunnies earlier this year). These look like bunnies but they are reindeer. I didn't like the tacky packaging they came in so I painted the bottom white and then chopped up an old sparkly Chrsitmas card for the background, much more festive I thought. Hope they reached her un-squished.

This may be my last post, it was meant to be showing some of my card designs, but they are on another computer. So till I get my act together... HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone! Thank you so much to all of you who have commented, emailed, written and even met me in Edinburgh this year. Blogging has really changed my life in a good way, and I appreciate the support and inspiration that you have all provided, thank you and I wish you all the very best for 2007.

Ms P had to go back to hospital yesterday, she's having a rough time of it. In fact, many people around here are having a tough time this month with health, deaths, floods and things, so I wish good health, peace and happiness to everyone I know... and to those I don't as well. Lots of love Cally xxxx

Friday 22 December 2006

busy for Christmas

Busy busy Busy, this is My Christmas branch, as you can see, utterly unadorned. Too busy to even decorate my house, though I have done some decorating at Mr P's place (on account of it's warmer there and will receive seasonal visitors). Will try to do a post before Christmas. Hope you are all well and getting on top of the plans you have for your hols (hope you have hols).

Ms P having complications, it's so unfair. We are hoping they don't take her back to hospital before Christmas, but then again, if it's what she needs then I guess it's better that way and we'll just make it as Christmassy as possible for her. Thanks so much for everyone's best wishes for her.

Wednesday 20 December 2006

Ice Hotel Reception

I loved the ever changing light through the ice walls of the ice hotel. If I ever get any time I must find out what it looks like this winter.

Ms P. gradually getting better though she's had some problems. Best of all is that she's allowed to eat a little bit of real food. Now I know how much most of you love your food, so I'm sure you can get how hard it must be when the Docs are saying 'No'. She's been particularly looking forward to having Maltesers :0)

Monday 18 December 2006

Another of my sketches from last January, but based on people/pod/seed forms that I've been working with since college, only with a Scandi influence in the headwear.

I'm back, so sorry to have been absent for so long, life took over in a big big way this last week or so. Thanks so much to everyone who sent messages of support and best wishes for Ms P. She is doing ok, though it was a rough ride for her, and those who know her. A lot of healing needing to happen so unfortunately it's not safe for her to come up for Christmas but I'm just happy that she's having a Christmas in the first place. I was so scared for her, though I kind of knew it would work out cause I had a good feeling about this year and so far it really has been one of my best ever years, money probs aside.

Unfortunately it means that those of you (and I think you all know who you are) that would have been getting a Christmas card from me, will now probably not get one, but I'll maybe do a virtual one instead. I couldn't afford time off to go and see her in hospital so to make up for it I've been working non stop since I got back... and that means no time for making anything really. Not that I regret it one bit, I'd do it again, she's SO worth it. In spite of the circumstances, it was such a lovely visit. I never thought I could have such a nice time sitting in a hospital pressing someone's morphine button every 5 minutes, but it felt great to be able to be there for her in that way. She puts on an incredibly brave face but I know she was in a LOT of pain. Yet despite that, she still has that happy spirit that makes the people around her feel all invigorated. Amazing and inspiring.

Ok, I must sleep now, but I finally have a few days off work so I will try to blog before thursday. Thanks again people, and I hope you are all keeping in good health yourselves.

Thursday 7 December 2006

Green Things & Ms P.

Near my house

Thread drawer

War time Stamp book

Sorry not been blogging, a lot of 'life' going on this week. Friend has new kitten I've been helping look after and Ms.P has had to go for very scary surgery so my mind is really anywhere but the blog... but I thought if everyone who reads had a positive thought for her she'd just love that.

She really is the most wonderful, sweet, kind hearted, funny gal you could ever wish to meet (we have adopted each other as the sisters we never had). I'm not ready for her to be taken away from me yet so fate will just have to favour us because it's the right thing to do. Love you Ms.P. XxXxXxXxX

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