Monday 17 January 2011

Six Days in France - My first public book

'Six Days in France' - Front cover

'Six Days in France' pages 12 + 13

'Six Days in France' pages 48 + 49

'Six Days in France' pages 54 + 55

'Six Days in France' pages 36 + 37

'Six Days in France' pages 28 + 29

'Six Days in France' pages 60 + 61

By now you'll have guessed my M.E. got worse rather than better hence my long blog absence, which makes me even more happy that I've finally managed to collate some of my photo's from France 2006 into a book that can help me travel in my mind, even when I'm confined to my bed. Unlike my previous books this one is available to buy, just click here to preview or order a copy. The photos above give a flavour of what's inside. And to tempt you even more you can get 20%* off using the code ADBLURB by 31st December 2011.

*Offer valid through December 31, 2011 (11:59 p.m. local time). A 20% discount is applied toward a minimum product total of $12.95. Maximum discount is USD $200.00 off product total. This offer is good for one-time use, and cannot be combined with other promotional codes, gift cards, or used for adjustments on previous orders.

With my muscles and mind in slow motion these days my old photographs really help to slow the worrying leakage of memories from mind and putting them together in a way that satisfies my eye provides a creative outlet. With that in mind, watch this space towards the end of the year for news on the companion book, Six Hours in Italy.

So what else has happened since my last post? Mostly gentle gardening to keep my muscles working. Mr P's garden has reaped the benefits and with my energy so low he has been amazing at helping with any heavy digging that was needed to transform his plot. He now loves it as much as I do and gets endless pleasure from the plants, animals and insects that now fill it in all seasons.

Oops, I've wilted! Was planning to write a bit more and add more pics but my energy has just evaporated, that's how it is these days. Perhaps another time. So let me just wish you all a Happy New Year and say how much I miss all your blogs that I used to read so much. I want to again in the future. I hope all your lives have had plenty of highs to keep you going through the tough times that most people are having these days. Enjoy the little triumphs as much as the big ones.

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