Tuesday 20 June 2006

Francisca Kweitel

I don't care HOW long it takes, I'm determined to do a tiny post on jewellery even if my sentences take an hour to show up on screen (and believe me, that's the way things are going over here).

The brooches above are by Francisca Kweitel shown at Joyas Joias at Velvet Da Vinci.

I'm cat sitting this week and last night Bali, who is very small and kitten-like despite being 2yrs old, spent the whole night sleeping on my chest except for a moment at 2.38am when she popped out and returned with the tiniest mouse to 'play' with. I love her but really, I wish she wouldn't.

Things are also going fill speed in the garden, or I should say GROWING full speed. It's a joy to see the palce bush up after a winter of empty spaces. I'm still getting a lot of munching pleasure from all my salad veggies too, and I'm doing lots of sprouts to really fill out the salads on hot sunny days. We've had a lot of those, though I'm glad there is rain due this week cause my water butts are now empty. It's probably lucky I can't blog so much because the garden would have dried up this week if I hadn't been tenderly watering each plant. Most things can handle a bit of drought but the veggies bolt in the dry heat.

Edinburgh Degree Show visit


17 - 27 June
Mon -Thurs 10am-8pm
Fri -Sun 10am-5pm
(closing 23 June: Ceramics, Textiles,
Glass, Silversmithing & Jewellery)

Edinburgh College of Art, Lauriston Place, EH3,
and Evolution House, West Port, EH3

Almost impossible for me to blog now but I am aware that some of us do want to meet to see the Edinburgh Degree Show so how about Saturday afternoon, say around 2pm? Weekdays are better for me but I'm guessing most of you would prefer the weekend but I am happy to go more than once since I never fit it all in in one visit anyway.

If you want to come then leave a post here (or on my email if you have it, I never post it here) saying if you'd like Saturday at 2 or a weekday at another time and I'll find ways of accessing it to sort something.
I'm so much looking forward to seeing the show AND meeting some of you too.

I think I may try and go on Thursday afternoon for a first look. My person faves are always textiles, tapestry and jewellery. I also like ceramics, glass, illustration and sculpture, though it depends what they have produced. But I'll look at anything that interests others too, it's good to see new things with people who have different tastes.

The hardest thing will be seeing stuff and not being able to asily blog about it. Darn this pesky melting computer.

Monday 12 June 2006

boat seat & cut silk

Still no joy getting my computer to work so only a very quick little post, just to keep me linked to this bloggy place, I can't save anything just now so I'm dipping into archives for nice images.

I love this bed/seating boat which was featured in a Scottish Interiors magazine a few years ago (maybe Scottish Homes & Interiors). I think it is totally wonderful, this is exactly the kind of found and reworked furniture that I would gladly have all over my home if I lived in a warehouse with LOTS of space. It's a long time since I read about this but I think the house may be in Fife, Scotland and may be a converted disused cinema with a view of the sea!

The piece below is antique silk embroidery and cutwork. I really enjoy doing this kind of work but I never have the patience to get this level of quality and finish, I'm a girl who always has threads hanging everywhere, but I love thready things so I have no great desire to be more perfectionist about it, though if I make things for others I do tend to clean things up and tie them off a bit more (which reminds me, Nikki, did the package arrive yet? Lots of threads there for Mouse's pleasure).

Tuesday 6 June 2006

Barely here

Will this post ever work, will it format correctly? Who knows.

My Mac is dying, I can't afford a new one just now, so I'm afraid that my blogging will be incredibly intermittent for goodness knows how long. I can smell burning and even a single sentence takes a few minutes to show up on screen. So sad. These are a few images from the life I have when I don't blog.

The cones are on the tree outside. The pink corner is MrP's mum's wall, before I repaint it, I liked the way the shadow gathered all soft in the corner. The leaves are my Rowan, still living in a carrier bag after 2 years, but still surviving and lovely. The door is a pic Mr.P took for me when I had cramp and couldn't come on a day trip, I asked for an interesting image of doors or texture or blue-ness, he managed 3 in one!

With things as they are I'm also unable to keep up with blog reading though I am trying to peak at some of you when I get my break at work, though that is very difficult now that the men have discovered online poker! Rest assured that the minute I have a reliable machine I will be blogging my little heart out in traditional style, like you know I want to.

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