Thursday 19 April 2012

Food (for Liz)

Hi Liz, it's all very well offering to make you food but you might want to see it first so here a a couple of pics of yesterday's food and ingredients. Most things tend not to get photographed because I'm too busy scoffing, or have made too much mess, but I'll try and document more when I can.

The granola is the only way I can get Mr P to be keen on oats and the refried beans and rice is a great base for then adding raw shredded veg to in the last minute so it gets a little bit limp but doesn't lose any flavour or nutrients. As you can see I only had a wee bit of Rainbow Chard, Tenderstem Broccoli and Spring Onions left, but it was very tasty. It's all organic, of course, and the rice is brown basmati, boiled the day before with saffron, cardamom and a bay leaf. The cannelini beans were slow cooked the day before in my hot box.

Thursday 5 April 2012

In the March garden

Kerria buds, Spirea, Hellebore, Daffodils unknown, Daffodils 'Tete a Tete', Lilac leaves, Pieris 'Cupido', Cricus 'Ruby Giant' with Heather unknown, Kerria in flower, Flowering Currant.

So much grew and flowered in March, especially blossom which I would have expected in April and May. There will be a bit of a blank period in those months now but it was amazing to see everything flowering at once - Magnolia, both Cherry trees, Forsythia, Amelanchier, Kerria, Flowering Currant and so much more. I've not had time to get my other 100's of plant pics on to the computer yet. Will try.

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