Thursday 28 November 2013

More free shipping on Society 6

Another free shipping deal on most Cally Creates Society 6 products including iPhone/iPad skins and cases, from now through Monday (cyber Monday for those of you that call it that).

Sunset with Robin

Friday 15 November 2013

New Society 6 Mugs with free shipping

You can now get my designs on Mugs via Society 6. Jeepers, I can't keep up with all the changes. You can get free shipping* using this link until midnight on Sunday (Pacific Time) so if you are tempted to splash out on any of my work before Christmas this is the ideal time. *excludes canvases, framed prints and cushions with inserts but does apply to lots of other items.

Moonrise in the night garden

The moon and cloud free skies have made the garden beautifully silhouette filled this week.
The last photo is the bamboo which, after years of being waist height, has responded to the hot summer and heavy rains by towering high above my head this year!

Sunset 14th November Autumn into WInter

It's been great to see the return of some lovely sunsets this week after a period of cloud and rain. Tonight was a real pleasure to watch, it looked lovely in all directions and changed from pale pastels to quite intense shades of pink and purple in the North...

And fast changing oranges and yellows with hints of purples in the South West (which became very fiery near the end before softening off at the end as the street lights came on. The trees have lost nearly all their leaves now but as long as some are still clinging on my head thinks it is Autumn, but dropping temperatures and early sunsets are telling a more Wintery story (this took place over 12 minutes from 5.17pm)

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