Monday 7 April 2008

Seasonal differences

Hard to believe these fresh Spring foods were what I was eating in mid February last year! Do you remember there was so much foody goodness about I was posting food photo's for weeks, all taken on sun drenched days.

Here we are now, April already, and a weekend of freezing temperatures and snow inspired Mr P to cook up a HUGE pot of warming dhal yesterday. It is so damn tasty I found it hard not to eat the whole lot through the night (body clock still upside down). I'm now drying off after a hideous trip out with Lucy in torrential sleet. My heart went out to the lambs, only 2 weeks old and stuck outside with no shelter but their mother's bodies. They looked so bedraggled and cold. Living 500ft above sea level we may may be only 5 miles from the centre of Edinburgh, but the weather conditions are often an exaggerated version of what's happening in town - colder, hotter or windier. I was looking at the snowy Pentland hills and wondering if people in town even had snow this weekend, possibly not. They may very well have cherry blossom and spring vegetables!

As I write, the sun is coming out again and the forecast is for some seasonal weather later in the week. Let's hope it comes so that the lambs and the fledglings can have a more carefree start to their lives. Every little lamb should skip, not drip. More holiday pics soon. Wishing you all a good week.


Christine Clemmensen said...

These pictures are so soft and wonderful. I love what you did on the top one:))
The weather sounds very temperamentfull where you live. I would so like to visit Scotland - would love to treck the green green fields:)

Maureen Reynolds said...

Sounds like a Yorkshire November. Brrr...I remember that driving sleet - I think it's why I have thick knees now, sleet + miniskirts = COLD.

Glad you had the warming dhal. :-)

Susan Schwake said...

oh dear. that is horrible weather - and my friends are over there visiting for this month. sigh. i remember last year and indeed neither here or there was there such weather.
our snow is finally melting, but the banks of dirty piles make it our classic "mud season" look. at least there are some little "spots" in the garden which i could go rake around in if i were so inclined.
anyway, here's to you getting over the jet lag and enjoying your holiday memories!

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful colours!

Esti said...

spring is definitely not showing us its sweetest face, here neither. but the sun will shine soon, sure. :)

jill said...

glad you dragged out the Aubrey/Maturin stuff! so good to curl up with. sending you lots of warmer weather wishes.....and I'm so excited that I guessed right!!!

(so this time I noticed your interest in alternative medicine....ever had any luck with reiki for those headaches, etc? ;D)

best wishes, Jill

heather smith jones said...

these pictures are sunshiney enough for me!
it's been gray & rainy here, with maybe one day here or there of warm sun. spring is trying , i think.

good to see you cally!

marie-louise said...

Yellow - sometimes is it actually beautiful with yellow. You have very good composition in your pictures!

Tay said...

Ah, how perfectly lovely and uplifting!

I wanted to let you know how much your comment to me the other week meant...gosh...thank-you! I feel a kindred spirit with you and after reading and smiling and weeping through your comment...I know you really do "get it". means the world to me, especially in that post where it felt a big risk to step out and tell the whole story. I still feel pretty vulnerable, but also empowered and comforted by those that left a comment.

You, you are FAB. And a constant inspiration to me.

~sending you a gentle squeeze and some sunshine from way over here~

Anonymous said...

Loving your produce trio so very much,
g xo

mansuetude said...

your weather sounds wonderful to me! :)
we are having two beautiful spring days, under 80 and even into the evening, the air is like a second skin... its so pleasant.

Todd Camplin said...

I love the structure of the last image, the middle image is corn. Your writing is dreamy and was a nice escape into your world. Thanks

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