Friday, 22 December 2006

busy for Christmas

Busy busy Busy, this is My Christmas branch, as you can see, utterly unadorned. Too busy to even decorate my house, though I have done some decorating at Mr P's place (on account of it's warmer there and will receive seasonal visitors). Will try to do a post before Christmas. Hope you are all well and getting on top of the plans you have for your hols (hope you have hols).

Ms P having complications, it's so unfair. We are hoping they don't take her back to hospital before Christmas, but then again, if it's what she needs then I guess it's better that way and we'll just make it as Christmassy as possible for her. Thanks so much for everyone's best wishes for her.


Anonymous said...

hope you get a chance to enjoy the holidays!

best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Lovely branch just as it is! Hope the P's do ok, blessings to you dear Cally!

Anonymous said...

Natural branch or adorned, either way it's all sounding very festive over there!
take care, g

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