Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Hectic days, sleepless nights

Sun, wind, showers, the gulls are loving it

Once again, I've neglected my blog. I've not even been checking comments, but I am trying to go through them today. And goodness only knows how many emails I've missed. I'll try and catch up a bit this week. For anyone wondering why I've been blog absent read on, for everyone else, some pictures from June.

Thalictrum at Malleny Gardens

Remnants of June

On the day I started to recover from my own infection, the cat began to succumb to one of his own and nearly died. It was awful, and with Mr P away for a week I had to manage all the vet trips myself. Given that I can't even get to the shops to buy my own food, this was somewhat of a challenge. Fortunately my stress levels got high enough that the adrenalin kicked in and helped me handle the travel, after a fashion. The vets got his temperature down after a few days and he finally ate and drank one week after stopping and he was able to come home before Mr P returned. He's still weak and has lost a lot of weight, but he can walk again and seems keen to keep an eye on his territory, though god forbid he gets into any fights at this stage. I bloody love that cat.

My tall Hebes are bursting with flowers for the bees

The nights when he wasn't here were awful, I couldn't sleep at all, and then when he was here I still couldn't sleep as I was so worried about him dying. Lots of tears, then lots of joy. Now that it's all over I'm completely wiped out and have had no oomph for blogging at all. Plus I seem to be having serious problems with my eyes. I'm a bit shocked how fast my sight has deteriorated in just 2 weeks so I'm guessing I'll have to get my eyes tested and start wearing specs. Hopefully that will sort things out. In my darker moments when the cat wasn't here I was planning what kind of art I would make if I went blind! I do get carried away with my thoughts, good or bad. Lucy also got the all clear from the vet, her lump was just a fatty cyst, nothing to worry about, and her wound is healing well.

Such a lovely background for wild flowers.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to read of all your troubles but glad the cat is on the mend. Hope you get your eyesight sorted as well.

Ruth Singer said...

aw. poor pook. I hope your cat is restored to health and vigour very soon. How frightening for you too. What a lot of animal dramas you are having! Hope that's the lot and all will be well soon.

Rose Campion said...

I'm glad you and the animals are on the mend. I know how awful it is when my cat is sick.

For your eyesight, please, get to an opthamologist (sp?) as soon as possible, not just an optician. Make sure you get the full exam with pupil dilation so that they can get a good view of your retinas. Eyesight going bad that fast isn't something to mess with.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you have had such a worrying time with the pets lately, especially since you have been on your own. I'm glad things are going much better with them now and that they are on the road to recovery.
Now time to think about yourself and get your eyes checked out soon - best to go and not put it off where your eyesight is concerned.
Lovely photos as ever...

Camilla said...

I often have the 'what art will I make when I go blind' conversation with myself- usually when i'm due for an eye test, but sometimes I combine it with the 'i'm losing sensation in my right arm, what art will I make when I can't see and only have one arm' conversation with myself.

Glad to hear the cat is on the mend.

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