Wednesday 8 February 2012

Cactus Beetroot Cranberry

The flowers are nearly finished on the Christmas Cactus, they always brings such a great splash of neon pink over Christmas and this year they were especially abundant (having been scant after major pruning 2yrs earlier).

Another intense pink that lasts all through winter is of course beetroot. All that colour hints at it's high beta carotene content. When eaten regularly it's liver cleansing abilities are ideal for those of you who had more than the occasional tipple during the party season. My usual Summer salad of beetroot, pear and feta got a seasonal boost with fresh cranberries. Also good for your liver and packed with phytonutrients and antioxidants.

Not that my liver has suffered in any way, I barely drink at all, but I do like to dribble Tawny Port onto things around Christmas time so I can pretend they are trifle so I'm sure my liver is happy to have a pink boost to help cleanse it. Hopefully by next year my Cranberry plant will have settled in enough to produce an edible harvest so I won't need to depend on shops at all.


Kelli said...

The pinks are nice vibrant colours. I've never eaten much beetroot but sounds really healthy. I noticed beetroot juice in a shop the other day, could be an idea to juice them?

Cally said...

Yes, beetroot can be lovely in juice, I nearly always add one or two to my daily smoothies made in a Vitamix, which is even better than juicing because you don't lose the fibre, and you get all the goodness from the skin (if you left it on) which often has concentrated goodness.

At this time of year I can recommend a juice of 1 beetroot, 1 carrot, 1 apple and a chunk of ginger. I love ginger and use lots but even a single slice will add winter warmth. For those using something like a vitamix you also need to add some water, at least half a cup, so you get a drink rather than a thick goop (though if you have ice in there the goop becomes like a sorbet - yum).

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