Monday 12 March 2012

Sun wind clouds

Dominique Falla - Meet Me In The Sunshine

After a week of Spring we had a return of snow on the hill, freezing nights and blasting gales. Then they said we'd have a nice sunny weekend. It peeked out occasionally but was motly grey so I thought posting this cheery piece of embroidery thread art by Dominique Falla will encourage the sun to come back. Not that I don't like clouds, some clouds are great, especially when you can make them inside a room like this art installation by Berndnaut Smilde.

Innova - Xuan bamboo lamp


BacktoBodrum said...

Hi Cally, Thanks for dropping in on my blog. Love your pages - I'll bookmark them.

p.s. I'm also fair-skinned and freckled - have never managed a serious suntan

Cally said...

Thanks Annie, we can mutually enjoy. I'm impressed that you can manage the summers with your fair skin. I missed my plane once because I overheated and passed out in the air conditioned airport. But I do LOVE a Turkish Spring, all those beautiful wildflowers and clear skies.

lisa solomon said...

oh so good. the sunshine esp...
hope you are well

Cally said...

Hi Lisa - thanks, pretty well all things considered, but not been to your blog since the little's birthday. I will remedy that.

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