Friday 29 March 2013

Eeesch, just realised March has pretty much been and gone and I've posted nothing so on a rare moment of energy (the sugar high from too many medjool dates!!!) I thought I'd squeeze one in quickly before bed.

It's been the most unusual March ever, in terms of the weather and my energy, both not what they should be for a month that normally signals the start of Spring. The 1st of March held great promise with real heat in the sun showing up the earliest of the flowers and buds. Then boof, snow, heavy snow, light snow, dry snow, wet snow, sleet, hail, fluffy snow, rain and then more snow, for pretty much the whole month. And oh so cold. But also so white, which I always love.

The crocuses in the South facing raised beds had started to open (along with snowdrops, still doing well from February) and some of the early daffodils (and by early I mean the kind that should arrive in late January, goodness only knows when we'll see the ones that were due in March). But the poor crocuses were quickly buried by several inches of snow and have not been seen since. Luckily the north facing ones hadn't popped their heads up yet so I hope they will appear in April when warmer weather arrives (hopefully).

So much cold is hard going but part of the trouble with my health lately has had a side effect - it radically increases my temperature, so cold weather helps cool me down a bit - or my body helps warm me up, depends what way I look at it. Either way it is working out quite well.

Visually it really has been lovely to see so much snow, and it's made me feel less like I am missing Spring when I'm stuck in bed. Plus it bounces lots of extra light into the house when the sun does shine, which it often has. I'd never before seen really big snowflakes on a sunny day, or rainbows over snowy ground. Delightful treats for someone like me, though I really do feel for sheep as it's lambing time and I know a lot have died. I always feel so sad for animals when there is extreme and untimely weather. And for people too, there have been a lot of people with much worse snow than ours and who have lost power. I really do feel so sorry for them and hope that none of you have been at the bad end of natures blast this Winter/Spring.


bluIndigo said...

Hello Cally!
I have just passed by your blog after a very long time. I used to have an other blog (campodifragole) where I had put you through my favourite blogs.
I have just learned about your chronic illness and I am very sorry for that.
I have suffered of fybromialgia in the past because of my thyroid problem- Hashimoto Disease, and only recently I have discovered that is an Immune Disease and I have stopped eating gluten, as, apparently is one of the causes. My fybromialgia improved, I have to say that I do not have anymore those symptoms. Maybe eliminating gluten in your diet could be of some help. Maybe you know already.... I don't know. I wanted just to share with you this thought. Sorry if I bother you, I wanted to write to you privately but I couldn't find the email address. Daniela

Cally said...

Hi Daniela, thanks for you comment and sharing your story. Yes FM and ME have a lot in common and I have indeed given up gluten and it did help a lot with the pain side of things, also removing dairy and processed foods has helped a lot.

My greatest ally is my Vitamix blender - costly but TOTALLY worth every penny as it makes it really easy to gets tons of vegetables into my daily smoothies. It's the best investment in my health that I have ever made.

Good health to you Daniela - I hope your thyroid is behaving this year.

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