Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Happy 1st of May

The flowers are a month late this year so I found some photo's from 1st of May 2004.


Marjojo said...

Hey Callie, was delighted to receive your comment - thank you. And now I see you're back here too. Stunning photographs, as ever. I'm wondering if you're able to make work at all nowadays, your beautiful textile work is unforgotten.
Making another go of posting on My art grows around me. See you?

Cally said...

Hiya M, so nice to hear form you too! I'm afraid I'm not getting things made, in a very bad ME relapse at the mo but I am gradually photographing old work and, for the more pattern based stuff, scanning and digitising it so at least the productivity of my early years can be put to good use. Until then trying to make sure I put something on here every month just to remind myself I once blogged. I'll dip in to your blog again when I can - so glad we are still dipping our toes in the old pool x

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