Monday, 27 February 2006

1st blog swap

Well what a delight that my first proper post can be about a blog swap. Since discovering craft blogs I've been reading them addictively I just got a £50 phone bill (!) for last month so until I can get broadband I'll only be posting at weekends.... unless I can't control the urge.

Now to the fun stuff, imagine waking up to this!... (I've edited this today, Jan 2007 cause I forgot to get my pics right in 2006).


Pure joy, and when you realise this is what I received in my first 'mini' swap you'll understand why, as a single gal who un-wrapped it on the quilt, this is the most exciting time I've had in bed in ages! These delights are swaps from the lovely Anna of Twelve22, just check out the beautiful presentation.

When I awoke there it was on the pillow, having been received through the cat flap... so I'm guessing the cat signed for it and then brought it in to me (or perhaps it was my best friend MrP who lets me kip at his place while my house is in DIY chaos).

How gorgeous is that flowery tissue paper in the 1st photo, I would have been thrilled to bits just receiving a sheet of that in the post, but there was so much more...

Squeals of delight ensued. Look at the flowery pouch! I am always in awe of anyone that can get a zip onto a pouch without unseemly bunching (a term normally applied to unfortunate bunching up of clothing in the crotch area when you sit down!). Such a sweet pouch and it will now be home to all manner of ribbons and threads in matching colours. I really like pink floral fabric with the red zip, great combo.

Below are super cute bird clips are appreciating Anna's 'Good Morning' cards. I spied the blue clip in one of her blogs but who knew it would come with a yellow friend and be in an egg shaped package (I have yet to 'hatch' them).

The bird-ness continued with the Anna's cutest handmade turquoise robin stickers, how can I bear to use them up, shown with her new correspondence card in the background, more red and pink lusciousnesss. When you get to know my taste via this blog you'll see how spot on she was with the turquoise ribbon tying it all up. I'm a sucker for all things in pale blues, turquoise, aquas, minty greens etc etc. Anything watery coloured and I go weak at the knees.

Maybe some of you recognise the crochet flower as seen on her recent Green Bag. I have yet to tackle circular crochet so it's really lovely to have a real homemade piece in my hands, you have to feel the smoothness to believe it, it is SO soft. Thank you Thank you Anna, I just love it all and the lavender card was so timely because I always forget to trim my lavender and it all get straggley, so I'll put a note on my calendar this year.

And so endeth my first attempt, phew, that took longer than I anticipated. I hope the links work and I hope you've all enjoyed seeing Anna's lovely work. Visit her site and you can look and buy and enjoy even more.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you liked all your goodies! You took very lovely pictures of them, too!

Oiyi said...

Wow, you got some great stuff! They look so pretty.

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