Monday, 20 February 2006

Test post

My first blog!
If I can get this to work at home, and not just on my work computer, I'll be posting photo's of my art / craft work and the beautiful things and wonderful people that inspire and motivate me.

As I'm testing this at work there are no images and no details, just want to see if it works before uploading stuff.

I want to try a link to wonderful illustrator Camilla Engman, maker of gorgeous crochet creatures and owner of beautiful dog Morran. She was one of the first bloggers that got me hooked on this.

Also Anna who is another multi talenter and is doing my first mini swap with me. I am ridiculously excited about it and dragging old work from cardboard boxes (house in mid renovation) to send to her.


Anonymous said...

I am glad it worked and that you have done this witty blog. I hope you soon will be back and that you are fine!

with love from Sweden!

Feltbug said...

Ok - here goes - me too - i love to look at the first post of a blog - it is like the birth of something I guess ! And as you asked my hair is brown/grey with red ends and my skin fair but not pale !

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