Friday 21 July 2006

Colourful feet & food

I finally found my ideal blue shoes last month... but they had none left in my size. The curse of big feet. I know this is an odd thing to post but the images were the right size for my blog and needed no adjustment, but I will be posting pics of postal goodies soon.

What I do have a a wonderfully co-ordinating photo of the wonderful Plaisir Du Chocolat chocolates that Daphne (puppychick) gave to me when we met to visit the Edinburgh degree show. Thanks Daphne, the were de-lic-ious!

It was such a good day and I love Daphne, she is as much fun in person as she is on her blog. A great sense of humour, great style and the joy of meeting someone else who understands my frustration at the lack of good stripy socks in the UK. I am VERY particular about the kind of stripes, colours, length, material etc. and this country (or at least Edinburgh) just can' give me what I need. So I have been stripe-less for many years!

I had a trip to the beach today and I can feel my energy returning so I am hoping to post at least once a week, even if the computer is stroppy about it. I miss blogging a lot. I probably still won't be reading blogs yet but I will try to skim through a few on good days.

I also probably won't be replying to emails or comments as I was getting really overwhelmed by them for a while there, which I think is partly what took it's toll on me. But I do read and appreciate all comments so thank you to any who drop by. And thanks for waiting for my return, can't wait till I am on full steam again.


Anonymous said...

Oh Cally, I'm so glad you're alive!
I can't believe you've got shoes that look like chocolates, such a lady of taste! I think of our great day out often, it was filled with so many little stories and adventures...:) hip hip hooray!

Anonymous said...

Cally, so great to see you back. I've been waiting for that bold black text in bloglines for what seems like ages! Pity about the shoes, they look really cute.

Ruth Singer said...

just a little tip - Missoni do great striped socks that aren't too bad (£10 for knee highs) i got some at Rackhams, so anything is possible! good luck

Anonymous said...

Hey!!! I have those blue shoes!!! That's so cool that you posted them, but I'm sad that they didn't have them in your size - do you mean they just didn't have them at the time? In which case keep trying because they are so comfy - some of the comfiest 'nice' shoes I've ever had.

Glad you enjoyed the degree show. As you know I missed it - but Portugal was great so I can't complain!!



I agree with you, those blue shoes are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

I love those blue shoes as well as the yellow ones! They look good enough to eat : )

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