Thursday 6 September 2007

Laura Darling- Illustration September '07

Laura Darling: Page from her book 'Leonard' 2007

I nearly forgot to say... Laura Darling, she of 'Leonard' fame as gushed about by me here,, let me know she is exhibiting some of her work in Edinburgh this week at Coconut Grove, Leven Street. 3rd - 10th Sept. She said she'd probably be showing some pages from her giant book about weather, which I never saw, so I'd really like to visit. Not sure if I can though, the bloomin' hormones etc. are keeping me at bay this week. But I hope some of you can pop by, and if you do I'd love to hear about it.

My mum has 2 Leonard prints framed on her walls now and is VERY delighted with them. On the 1st night of them going up she made my Dad say 'night night Leonard' before bed. He is not the sort of man who generally engages in any degree of chat with inanimate objects, unlike me and my mum!

I'm having hellish trouble with a couple of my emails, mainly my big fish one as my broadband provider is denying access to my accounts! So if you've been trying to each me leave a comment so I can give you an alt email address to try.

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Anonymous said...

Look at that face!!!

Have enjoyed visiting all the links you have provided below.....the creativity out here is endless....

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