Friday 29 July 2011

Fantasy shopping inspired by Silver Ragwort

Apologies in advance for any weird formatting or odd postings, blogger seems to be doing a few strange things with my drafts lately and I have to keep deleting and editing, not sure if that means multiple viewings for subscribers.

Inspired by the greys and yellows of the Silver Ragwort I posted the other day (and a sleepless night - something moving around under the house, cat, hedgehog, monster?) I did some fantasy shopping. I don't buy many clothes in real life and these days I can't often get to town for
window shopping, so I had a bit of fun collating some things I get if money, body shape, comfort, confidence and conscience (eco & ethical) weren't factors. I'd look completely different. I'd look like the way I see myself. Click to enlarge the big picture and hover over the wee ones for makers.

My reality is a much more budget friendly (mostly 2nd hand) and practical for sitting in dirt when I garden, which is 99% of the extent of any outdoor life I have at the moment. But when I was well I used to have a social life, travel, go to openings and, my favourite thing of all, make fancy dress outfits for parties, usually with a spacey/futuristic edge to them. These days I let Lady Gaga revel in that role, she and her team (and mega budget) do it so well. But here is a small selection of things that cover all my old and new life, only missing a pair of chunky grey men's workwear trousers which I already own (free from my old job), no amount of kneeling in the dirt would ruin the knees on those bad boys.

Lady Gaga sparkling origami headpiece at the Grammy's
Designed by Philip Treacy for Armani Privé

1: Melinda Young 2: Masao Takahashi 3: Gwen Hosker

Eco friendly house shoes by ETSY seller elephantandchickpea


julie said...

I am also loving this yellow at the moment. And fantasy shopping is so much better on the purse!

Cally, it's like the old days.. Have a lovely weekend my friend x

Cally said...

The old days, yes, lovely. Thanks Julie, you have a good one too. x

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