Monday, 22 August 2011

Summer foods change to Autumn foods

Nothing says summer like wild tomatoes on toast. But already the Summer veg is showing hints of Autumn. The raspberries are almost done and being replaced by brambles, though they are mostly not ready just yet, another week or two of warm sun needed.

No more Elderflower, Hibiscus and Lemon cordial (below). I can probably start picking rose hips soon so perhaps something along that line for days when I want rose coloured liquids and a boost of Vitamin C to ward off those colds that so often catch you when the seasons change.

The Rowan berries have been fully red for a week, a sure sign of the Summer winding down. It feels like we never really had a Summer, so much rain and wind, but then I look at my garden pictures and there was so much happening, I can enjoy what I snapped over a few days for the rest of the year. Not that the garden has stopped giving, there are lots more flowers to enjoy as well as edibles. Still picking what the wind left of the Blueberries and the Aronia 'Viking' is so abundant it's more than made up for the missing Blue B's.

Yesterday I pulled my first carrot, A beautiful Organic Early Nantes variety, so tasty and one of the few vegetables not bothered by pests this year and the Rainbow Chard seems to be perking up a bit and has the loveliest stems of bright yellow, red and raspberry. The Alpine Strawberries seem to be going on forever, they've clearly loved the wet weather.


julie said...

Lovely colours cally. We also have these colours but it mangos.. We are still definitely in summer. X

Julia said...

Woow, looks from your photos like you have a fantastic garden that feeds you throughout the year. Whilst I love the idea of that, neither of us are green-fingered so we're lucky to have Fethiye market nearby! :)

Cally said...

• Julie
Mangos that aren't at UK prices - lucky you.

• Julia
I'd trade everything in my garden to have Fethiye Market near me!

The garden does provide good grazing but rarely a full meal. Alas, most of the big veg is from an Organic delivery. I used to grow my own tomatoes but they needed to be indoors (no greenhouse) and took up too much space.

I did sow seeds for a multitude of crops this year but the freak weather since April has claimed most of them, good learning experience though, and makes me appreciate all the more the delights of the veggie box when it comes, especially those wild tomatoes. I'm a sucked for anything that deviates from Supermarket standards.

Christina said...

Lovely coloured tomatoes; sorry your weather has made veg grwoing difficult for you this year, but as you say everything in a learning process. Christina

lisa solomon said...

gorgeous !
like minds indeed !!

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