Wednesday 7 December 2011

Shop - Art Print & Laptop Skins- Ammonite

Ammonite on pattern 2201 Art Print
Ammonite Unframed Print from $16
One of several colour options for my Collioure Organic Cotton fabric on Spoonflower
Italian Gas Art Print
Italian Gas - Art Prints from $16,
Also as Laptop & iPad Skins $30, iPhone Skins $15, iPhone cases $30

I used to be very sea obsessed, hence my life long love of watery colours, and a fairly long love of shells, though that began to wane when I started to get obsessed by seeds in the Summer of '92. The print above is based on a n A2 charcoal sketch either of one of my own ammonites, or one in the Museum of Scotland, probably 1990 - I forget which. If it was in the museum it was possibly drawn to scale, they have some huge ones whereas mine are fairly small. The background I've added is based on one of my textile patterns from around the same period. The Collioure fabric show is loosely based on designs from that period as is the pattern on the Italian Gas print, but the photographic part of that is from my flying visit to Italy in 2008 when we popped over from France (friend's wedding) for me to take photo's before catching our flight home. A mad 6hrs of non stop photography because there was so much there that I loved.

Ammonite Framed prints from $33
Ammonite skins for Laptops and iPads - $30

1 comment:

Julia said...

Perfect colours for me. We love blue too because of the sea. Our bedroom is all this shade of blue and white. Love those shells.

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