Tuesday, 8 January 2013

January Whites

I decided to revive my old tradition of posting some white things in January. My love of all things white is as strong as ever and is always heightened in winter time. When the garden begins to grow in Spring so does my love of colour. Lets hope I don't wait until Spring to post again.

1-2-3. Two lovely lamps 'Loop' and 'Change' by Timo Niskanen, both beautiful in their simplicity. I particularly like the idea behind the 'Change' coin deposit lamp which is designed to for use in public spaces to encourage people to switch off when they are finished, saving their money and the cost of unnecessary energy wastage.

4-5. Stylish Japanese style in these storage jars by Sfera.

6. Stunning saw-pierced skulls named 'Lace Longhorns' by Love Warriors.

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