Saturday, 26 January 2013

soundtrack to winter days

I rarely buy anything non essential these days but I needed a treat. I really really needed a treat, so, tired of forever wrestling with ear buds that fall out of my ears whenever I move, I bought some proper white headphones. And yes, the colour was a  bigger factor in my choice than sound quality. I can't afford quality. If I have to buy cheap then it must at least make me happy to look at them. And to be honest, they sound fine to me, definitely not amazing, but perfectly good for blocking out the sound of vans sitting outside with their engines running.

But in the mornings there is a sound better than my music, the birds out in the garden. They seem to have been especially chirpy of late, which I tend to expect more in Spring than in Winter so it feels like a lovely bonus track to the season. I haven't taken any good photo's of the wee critters, they are too busy avoiding cats pose for pics, so instead these are my Christmas deco birds to represent my flighty feathered friends.

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