Monday 21 August 2006

Free food is wonderful

First proper crop of damsons from my friends 4ft high tree.

Gooseberries which I am eating in huge quantities each day. I managed to fit 50 in my mouth in one go. The initial squash once they were in was tasty, but then I was left with 50 bitter skins to chew on.

Blackberries from my garden that I have just picked for breakfast.

My health has stopped me getting much out of this summer but one thing I have been enjoying is home grown and local wild fruit. There's nothing more satisfying than coming home after a hard day and spending some time gathering together little piles of goodies from the garden, fields and hedgerows.


Ruth Singer said...

Lucky you to have damsons! I love them and haven't found any thing summer. Have been enjoying lots of other things from other people's gardens though, and a few tomatoes from my window box.

kathryn said...

hi there, now if you can manage that lot, you can *easily* cope with a little blueberry bush ! i got mine this year and i pick a couple o' berries off every time i walk past. i think if you give them acidic compost in a big containter and water them with rain water ( neither of which i have been doing) they can get big, fast.

nice courgettes. i just posted a recipe for a good green soup i make with mine.

reading your blog always makes me want to go back to scotland. our last great trip there was the corsewall lighthouse hotel near stranraer, and it was amay - zing !

right, i'll be off now then :) ta ta

Anonymous said...

Blackberries . . . oh double yum!

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