Monday 21 August 2006

Simon Norfolk

"Walking a Kabul street can be like walking through a Museum of the Archaeology of War — different moments of destruction lie like sediment on top of each other. " Simon Norfolk

This is the stunning work of photographer Simon Norfolk. (a big thank you to Camilla for posting a link to his website).

I'm tempted to talk about his work as it has made a big impression on me but since he's kindly let me post some of his images here I think their intense mix of beauty and destruction speak for themselves. I have only posted small versions but they really should be seen full size on his site. The ones shown here were all taken in Afghanistan (click on Afghanistan: chronotopia).

He is just back from Beirut and some of those pictures are on the New York Times magazine website though I haven't been for a look yet, had to blog about these first. Thanks Simon for letting us see what's out there.

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