Thursday, 24 August 2006

Trying to be greener

a saved bit of christmas wrapping paper that looked nice when I dropped it on one of my fabrics.

Graphic print based on a lovely gate I saw in Wales.

Well, since I couldn't sleep I decided to stay online for a bit longer. I've missed blogging so much and have really enjoyed my little burst of it and all your lovely responses. One comment was from Katherine who's blog Chatirywold got lost from my bookmarks when I changed browsers a while back. Glad to visit it again and particularly enjoyed her brilliant 100 point Bio about herself. It's open, homest and often very amusing, well worth a read.

If I had a 100 point list I reckon I could pinch about 40 of her points for it, like her No. 13.
"I'm trying to buy more fairtrade/organic clothes. Unfortunately it doesn't compete with the H&M sale prices..." Ha, Katherine, that one made me laugh, and then feel guilty. And thanks for the glo4life tip which was new to me. I can't be trusted in the shop under St. John's, I always leave with way too many flapjacks and chocolate!

Katherine also linked to Cityhippy a blog about striving to be greener which, if I read correctly, she is the Edinburgh editor of, what a gal. I always strive to be greener, though I've had some lapses recently... mainly due to H&M having a sale when I became thinner!


Anonymous said...

Aw, thanks for the links, love the wrapping paper!

I am indeed the Edinburgh editor of City Hippy. We try and look at the struggles of being green and recognise that whilst we'd all love to have minimum impact on the environment, there are times when we don't always do the so-called 'right thing', like buying cheap clothes from a big chain store or succombing to Starbucks. Being green shouldn't be about feeling guilty!

Anonymous said...

So now Cally you have me feeling guilty about those bargain buys I bought last saturday. I try hard not to accept plastic bags, and take shopping bags every where. I thrift shop every week, but still it is hard to say no to a great new book, ball of yarn, piece of fabric, gorgeous clothes....

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