Saturday 5 April 2008

Hijacked email

The guesses are getting closer. Long Beach too far South, Malibu was the closest guess and we did go to Malibu one of the days.

I've just found out that email address for this blog has been hijacked by spammers! I got an email today that claimed to be sent by me, it said Re. Gucchi and had some numbers on it. This happened to my old business email and I had to ditch it in the end. Please be aware I NEVER send any junk emails. If you get something that has cally creates and the subject title looks suspicious you can check with me here on the blog comments to find out if I have sent anything.

I read this website which explains how they get your details from someone else's address book and forge it in the 'from' section of the email, so people think it has come from your address. So I can't even find out who they got it from. I hate to think I may have to change my blog name and working title for future artwork, but if people are getting bad mail I don't want to be associated with it. Last time it happened I met someone who thought I'd sent them really nasty photo's. I was horrified and disgusted that those images were being associated with my business, and it was only coincidence that meant I met her and found out.

It's 3am and I've been stressing about this for hours, changeing email passwords, trying to set up new addresses etc. And all the while listening to the rain pounding on the window. They say there may be snow today and have talked of Arctic winds. Hard to believe thursday was warm and sunny. Come back sun, we were just getting to know you.


Anonymous said...

It's unfortunate that this sort of thing happens, not easy to prevent. I wish for warmer days too!!

Claire said...

Look. Don't stress about the spam thing. Everyone knows that it isn't you sending it.

I have had the same thing with my email.

Just let is wash on by. It isn't worth the worry and stress.

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