Tuesday 1 April 2008

My trip - clue No.6

There have been a few guesses as to which part of California I was in, and one person hedging their bets with a double guess which contained one right answer...can you guess which one? This post should help confirm it.

The best part of the trip was seeing the change in attitude towards plants. People seem no longer to be striving for squares of green grass. The click click click of sprinkler systems was entirely absent, I don't think we saw a single domestic sprinkler (and only one public park sprinkler). Such a wonderful change, and in place of the dried brown grass such a fantastic array of native plants and other plants suited to the California climate, like these lovely grey blue succulents above. They were everywhere growing very contentedly with other succulents and many beautiful tall grasses.

1 comment:

Andrea Tachezy said...

Cally I really love the colours of these pictures!

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