Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Scabious 'Black Cat'

Scabiosa 'Chat Noir' (Scabious 'Black Cat') logged here on Folia.

These were slow to develop from seeds sown earlier this year but are now opening up. I expected the dark ones, it's all in the name, but there are actually more which have the brighter colouring. The two colours look great together

The closed bud stage lasted about 2 months for them to open up. Last week the larger ones began to open one or two tiny flowers around the edges and this week those same ones are fully open. There are still lots in the early bud stage so I think there will be flowers into October. This year they are mainly growing up through the dark Sweet Pea mix but I'd love to try them in amongst golden or lime green foliage.

The two colours that came up, bright and dark.


Karen said...

Cally, the scabious is amazing, in bud stage, it looks like a huge blackberry. What a transformation it goes through, I will have to search for this plant.

I also loved your post on the bird photography siblings from Taiwan. Amazing photography, and each one is gorgeous.

scottweberpdx said...

I adore those! I grew Knautia 'Melton Pastels' from seed this year...but they show no signs that they are going to flower this season...I'll cross my fingers for next year! I must find seed for this and try it for next year!

Cally said...

Yeh, they are totally in your colour palette aren't they. I bought them for the dark colour on the seed packet but I'm thrilled with the brighter ones too.

lisa solomon said...

i used to have those.... sigh.
i love almost all scabious ! i used to have giant white ones too. sigh.

hi !

Cally said...

I'm sure you'll have them again one day, when you and the little start gardening together.

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