Thursday 24 August 2006


Feeling very emotional just now and can't get to sleep so a bit of unexpected image-making and blogging should help. The word is from the back of a book and the sea is near Harlech on the West coast of Wales where Mr P and I used to hire a static caravan for holidays.

Mr P's cousin and her boyfriend came from London to stay with him this week and flew home a few hours ago. It was hard to see them go. I'll call her Miss P for the purposes of the blog. Miss P is utterly inspiring and I feel privileged to have met her at last. She has the most serious health problems of anyone I've ever met, life threatening, but she handles it incredibly and is unbelievably positive and nourishing to be around, even though she must be in a lot of pain a lot of the time.

I get very low about my own health issues and feel like I miss out on so much because of them, but she deals with so much more in a way that is really quite incredible and I feel so totally moved having spent only a short time with her. If I could have half that oomph for life I think my life would be so amazing. I will try to be more positive.

I so much want to talk about her, well both of them, cause they are an amazing couple, but I don't want to go into personal details about others in such a public space. But just acknowledging their impact seems like a good thing, this blog is so much a diary of the things I love and am influenced by that they definitely deserve a mention on it.


Anonymous said...

I think meeting and knowing people like Miss P is a way for the world to make as all more consious and aware.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Cally, I wish things were easier for you. Take inspiration from Miss P, and live your life as you choose... Sunshine enters our lives in many forms.

Susan Schwake said...

go easy on yourself cally as you will find a way that fits you just right. ulla is right - sunshine comes in so many forms!

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