Monday 25 September 2006

Cally & Daphne go out to play

Spur of the moment is great isn't it.

I went out to play with Daphne on Saturday afternoon and had the nicest time. Everything we saw seemed to be in shades of blue and/or yellow, the colours we each love. These are our feet on the lovely grey blue Edinburgh cobbles with a great flaking single yellow line and the yellow ball that Daphne found on the road.

We wandered slowly round the back streets of Edinburgh in the warm sunshine, camera in hand, nibbling tasty snacks, sharing stories (she tells good stories) and indulging in a mutual desire to scavenge... got a great set of castors off an old trolley/walker type thing, and a very nice chunk of wood. Today was too overcast to get good pics of the brilliant marshmallows she gave me, I will try tomorrow, the packaging is amazing.

But since then poor Daphne has caught a bug, get well soon Daphne. This is the monster Daphne drew on a blue garage wall, maybe he can chase the bug away?...

I've posted more of the pics from our great day on my Flickr page along with, at last, some photo's from the France/Italy trip.


createacraft said...

these colour associated photos are great..
you inspire me..
I like to see small bits and pieces.. floor patterns.. an awkward shaped plant..
I enjoyed very much your's..
have a nice.. colou combined week =))

Robin said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better, Cally. The photos from Italy are just lovely!

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