Friday, 22 September 2006

Oh Happy Day

I just had to post this image from Onecrabapple at Art Tea Life blog cause it has so much about it I LOVE...

I love the 50's, I love turquoise with red, I love blonde, I love patterned fabric, I love white flowers, I love clouds and I love the glamourous look these women had, it's how I'd love to look if I looked different. But I'm Calamity Jane BEFORE they got her wearing a dress.

It's not that I dislike dresses, in fact, if I've not already said, I collect vintage dresses in aquatic shades. I'm just not a dress wearer, unless it's for fancy dress parties. I feel very uncomfortable dressed as a 'lady'. Much happier in my gardening clothes.

And speaking of happy, I really am today (ok, it's now Fri but I've not gone to bed yet) because the tail end of the hurricane never came, no 4 inches of rain, no 75mph wind. In fact, it was THE most beautiful warm South of France type summery day.

I had cramp and still have a cold so I felt entirely guilt-free staying in bed with the sun shining on me and a wonderful warm breeze coming through the open window as I read a good book. I've not read in such a long time, it felt like total luxury even though my body was feeling less than tip top.

Later on, when I realised I was out of food, I took a really gentle walk to the Organic Farm shop for some quinoa flakes (makes a lovely light porridge, great with sunflower seeds, raisins and a little maple syrup). The walk was so good because the sun eased some of the sore bits. Everything had such a warm orange glow to it and the fields looked wonderful, some fresh and green, others the palest golden straw colours.

Afterwards I walked to the supermarket for a sesame snap (sadly they don't make them organic - yet) and discovered that Sainsbury's are selling a 100g bar of 'smoothy creamy' milk chocolate which is Organic AND Fairtrade AND costs only 79p! I tried but I couldn't walk past it, 79p! I thought it must be a mistake and grabbed one before anyone could put a new price on it. They do a dark one for 99p but they were sold out.

I have to say, it was good. Very milk choccy, so my skin will resent my by Saturday. I would definitely dry the dark one next. I balanced my brush with naughtiness by having lentils for dinner, lovely little Puy lentils with soya yogurt and a touch of Tikka Masala paste (Pataks, I swear by the stuff, but only the paste, not the sauce).

I hope this weather continues till I feel a bit better, I really want to have half a day wandering round town with my camera capturing images of Edinburgh and having coffee with Daphne before winter comes. Of course I'm also hoping to have coffee with Daphne in winter too, Daphne is great!

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createacraft said...

good morning.. I am happy for you.. the sunshine following rain is rejuvenating..
nice calm day.. I have'' staying -at-home-and reading-a-book'' envy...
take care of yourself..

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