Thursday 14 September 2006


We had planned 2 days and a night in Italy, but France kept a hold so we whizzed to Italy for our last day and then whizzed back to France for our flight home at night.

Only a day but so so many beautiful things to see. I took 1gb of images and then my battery ran out. I also had my one bit of proper dairy, an Italian ice cream (ahem, 2 Italian Ice creams). Pistachio flavour, my favourite. They were INCREDIBLE. Unfortunately the weather was so hot we had to eat fast so no time for an artistic photo of the huge soft green against a yellow crumbly medieval wall.


Anonymous said...

Pistachio is my favourite too! The perfect combination of colour and flavour.

Whereabouts in Italy were you? I'm guessing you didn't have much time to far over the border. My family lives about an hour's drive from Nice.

PamKittyMorning said...

Love all your photos!

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